The Psychological Assistance Service (SAP) at the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón de la Plana, started in 1993.

This service is constituted by a team of therapists and researchers led by Dr. Azucena García Palacios, Senior Lecturer of Clinical Psychology. At SAP anyone can benefit from the recent advances in the psychological treatment combined with the use of the New Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

The SAP aims to contribute to the people well-being by providing psychological treatment protocols based on evidence and supported by a range of ICT tools (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet, mobile devices, etc) which help people to cope the problems that cause psychological distress and to improve their quality of life.

The SAP is open to the entire society and, as Labpsitec is constantly carrying out several research projects, a person may benefit from the most innovative psychological treatments techniques Free of Charge, provided you meet the inclusion criteria to be part of a specific study.

In case someone does not fulfil the characteristics needed to participate in a specific investigation, they might also benefit from a new treatment strategy, assuming its cost.

Visit available treatment programs.

You can find more information in the areas of this section and in case you have any questions, please
contact us at: or 964 38 7647.

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