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At the Laboratory of Psychology and Technology (LabPsiTec), at Universitat Jaume I of Castellon, we have been investigating for more than 25 years what the possibilities of the New Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet, mobile devices, etc) can offer to the clinical psychology as tools for evaluation and treatment, as well as for the study of the basic psychological processes.

We have a set of applications that have demonstrated its efficacy for the treatment of phobias (i.e. acrophobia, fear of spiders, cockroaches phobia, fear of public speaking, claustrophobia, flying phobia), panic disorder with and without agoraphobia, posttraumatic stress disorder, pathological grief, body image problems in eating disorders, pathological gambling, etc.

Our field of research also includes the participation in the development process of ICT-based applications providing our experience in cognitive ergonomics, specifically: HCI Usability, systems acceptability, emotional design, user-centered design and KANSEI engineering.

Areas related to our work: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Telepsychology, Psychological Treatments, Experimental Psychopathology, Psychological Assessment, and Cognitive Ergonomics.

Labpsitec is composed of a group of professionals with extensive clinical and research experience, led by Dr. Azucena García Palacios, Senior Lecturer of Clinical Psychology. Dr. García Palacios also directs the Psychological Assistance Service (SAP; Servicio de Asistencia Psicológica) at Universitat Jaume I of Castellón. There, our patients can benefit from recent advances in the psychological treatment through the use of ICTs.

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